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Black Theater Festival
Black Theater Festival

Festival highlighting the Black Experience

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We are speechless and overjoyed for the amount of support we have received has been overwhelming. We are beyond grateful and humbled that so many Black Artists from Madison and around the nation decided to be apart of this Festival.

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LNU Black Theater Festival - Paypal: @lnublacktheaterfest

If you want your tip to go to a specific artist that is not below, you can delineate who the donation is for in the comments at the LNU Black Theater Festival PayPal above.


T.S. Banks:

Cashapp: $LnuTheaterCo

Venmo: @LnuTheaterCo

PayPal: lnutheaterco@gmail.com


Dana Pellebon:

Venmo: @Dana-Pellebon


Janine Gardner:

Venmo: @Janine-Gardner

CashApp: $Neenie31


Broom Street Theater:





Sean Avery Medlin:

Venmo: @Sean-Medlin-1

Cashapp: $SeanAveryMedlin

Paypal: @seanavery8 

Rachel Lynett:

Venmo @rachellynett

Austin Dean Ashford:





Rene Simon:

Venmo, paypal, zelle - Venmo: @ReneBSimon 

PayPal: @ReneSimonMadisonWI

Buy their book at https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/the-good-truth-by-r-b-simon/


Erick Blue:

Cash App: $KirE131

Venmo: @Erick_Blue

Charles Payne:

Venmo: @Charles-Payne34

Drag Artists:


Mimi Sanchez:

Cashapp : $Dman2347


Anya Knees:

Venmo : theonlyanyaknees

CashApp: $theonlyanyaknees


SunShine Raynebow:




Jasper Madison:

Venmo: @JasperMadison

Cashapp: $JasperMadison




Maia Pearson:

Venmo: @mahoganyqueenie

Cashapp: $mahoganyqueenie

Sarah Streich:

Venmo: @Sarah-Streich

Kailea Saplan:

Venmo: @Kailea-Saplan


Shaniqua Nikko Murphy:

Cashapp: $Shanikko


Brian Maulana-Ponce:

Venmo: @brianravyn

PayPal: contessapirahna@gmail.com